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These hot ladies love to walk on their slaves! They trample them hard and enjoy their suffering!

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Mistress Van Licks does not like being lied to and that is what this guy did to her repeatedly. She would have forgiven one lie but he did it severally and she did not like it. She had to make sure he learned to do things the right way and that is why she chose to trample the shit out of him. By the time she was done with him, he had agreed to change.

Mistress Ambra is sensitive and she does not like it when someone ignores her. That is why she had to punish this guy for doing it. The mistress had to make sure that the guy learned his lesson the hard way. That is why she kicked him and she trampled him as hard as she could to make sure none of that nonsense would ever happen again. And it never did.

Goddess Kiffa was asked by her friends to help them punish their men. Their boyfriends had messed up and it was time for them to learn that their girls would not take that nonsense much longer. So they cruelly used their trampling fetish to humiliate the guys and they were led by goddess Kiffa in doing it. It was fun for the mistresses and it helped them achieve their goal.

This guy liked to jerk off too much and this mistress, who was his girlfriend, could not stand it. She had asked him to cut back on that and to also stop but he did not. She felt that she had to punish him and she did it by cruelly making him lie down and trampling him with her bare feet. She did it on his balls to make it painful.

Princess Valerie needed to find a way to test this guy. She did it with her high heels and she did it on his body after she had stripped him naked. He was told to jerk off even as he felt a lot of pain from what she did to him. He did not want to disappoint her and he did what she wanted him to do so as not to piss her off any further.

Madam Mysteria wanted to head trample this guy because she felt that she needed to have some sense in him. She crushed him painfully with her bare feet and she told him that he was lucky she did not choose to use her high heels. He cried but she did not care about any of his cries. All she wanted was to ensure he leaned his lesson and he did.

This guy was to dumb for lady Sandy to associate with and today she had to make sure that she taught him a lesson no one had taught him to date. The mistress had tried to deal with him on a handful of occasions but she knew she had to do something different. That is why she used her heels to trample the shit out of him to make him change.

When this mistress found out that this girl was behind the rumors circulating about her, she was not pleased and had to find a way to deal with her. That is why she chose to cruelly punish the girl with her trampling fetish. She stomped on her while she was naked and she even pulled the girl's nipples to make it all very painful. That is how she knew never to spread rumors about the mistress.

With her heeled boots, lady Layla was on a mission to do some damage to this girl and she made sure that the girl felt the kind of pain she had never felt before. The mistress threw her down, trampled and stomped on her from head to toe and laughed at her as she struggled to endure the pain. The mistress ignored her pleas for mercy and went on punishing her.

When one of her workers tried to do substandard work, mistress Dula had to dominate him and teach him to do things the way she wanted them to be done. That is why she cruelly used her boots to trample the guy from head to toe and he cried and begged her to stop. He even promised that he would change before the mistress agreed to stop and let him go.

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